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It's all about me...


I love food so much that I take pictures of it!


I find a beauty in food that is exciting to me. Each new assignment is like my own little culinary adventure. In what other type of photography is it ok to eat your subjects afterwards?  


I have a B.A. in Professional Photography from Brooks Institute of Photography, and to date, I have photographed eleven published cookbooks, several food packaging assignments, and countless magazine editorials. I am so grateful to be among the few who truly love what they do for a living.


My husband, David, and I live in California with our son Lucas, daughter Danielle, and two very mischievous cats Charlotte and Harry.


I am a total pizza snob, and I am not ashamed of it. As a New York Italian girl, it is my birthright.


Kiwis make me smile.


Water Chestnuts make me wince.


My Mom’s sweet potato casserole makes me warm and fuzzy and a little nostalgic.


I stash a secret “French Fry Fund” in the ashtray of my car for potato-related emergencies.


I could easily live the rest of my life without chocolate, but a life without garlic is just not worth living.

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