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"Fish, to taste right,

must swim three times -

in water, in butter and in wine."


~ Polish Proverb ~

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Salad of King Salmon, Tomato, Avocado & Arugula

Sockeye Salmon Tartare

Alaskan Weathervane Scallop Chowder

Keta Salmon on Brioche with Caramelized Onions

Copper River Salmon Skewers

Sauteed "Steamer" Clams

Cedar-Planked Halibut with Apple Cider Gastrique

Grilled Black Cod with Blackberries

Halibut Cheek Stew with Basil

Alaska Snow Crab Oscar Bites

Pacific Sole with Vegetables & Pesto Spaghetti

Alaska Weathervane Scallops & Wasabi Slaw

Red King Crab with Avocado & Golden Beets

Pickled Octopus Salad with Fava Beans

Smoked Coho Salmon Chowder

Crispy Fried Razor Clams

Red King Crab in Wine & Vermouth

Octopus with Crispy Chorizo

Alaska Snow Crab-Stuffed Risotto Cakes

Pink Shrimp with Green Chilis & Lime

Sole with Leek and Sweet Potato "Risotto"

Alaskan Yellow-Eye Rockfish with Mushroom Salad

Red Sea Urchin "Uni" Shooter

Dungeness Crab

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