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Northbound, The 5 to The 101

I never really thought that I would miss Southern California. On our journey back home to NorCal, we decided to take the scenic route and detour off I-5 onto the 101 through Oxnard, Ventura and Santa Barbara. It was a beautiful, bright Spring Day and the weather was flawless: big blue sky, sun shining, birds singing. The kind of day that makes you wonder why you ever left in the first place. I think that the 101 between Oxnard and Santa Barbara is my most-traveled stretch of road ever, and i really think that I took its beauty and serenity for granted. Always preoccupied with school or work, I would blaze by at (NOT 75 miles per hour) the legal speed limit, and very seldom did i stop to just bask in its sunshine. This trip wasn’t very different (we do have a baby who, after 4 days with Grandma, was starting to wear out his welcome!), but it was wonderful being back, even if just for a little while.


la la land


Driving through Camarillo,

you can actually SMELL the strawberry fields from the freeway.



“Blue, you sit so pretty west of The 1…”


The lovely Ventura Harbor.


The best fish and chips, ever! Andria’s Seafood Restaurant at the Ventura Harbor.


Cabrillo Blvd, Santa Barbara

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