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Who wants to stand in line first thing in the morning?

I really can't help myself sometimes. People think i'm crazy when they see me constantly photographing my food, but it really is where my inspiration lies. I'm greatful to have studio space in my own home with amazing natural light for shooting whenever the mood strikes. I'm also grateful that on this particular morning, Luke was already at school and Danielle decided to nap long enough for me to cook, shoot AND eat!

DIY Faux Starbucks Coffee and Breakfast Sammie:

- Over medium heat, lightly butter a small egg pan with butter (REAL. None of that I Can't Believe crap.)

- Crack 1 large egg directly into the pan (or 2, if you're feelin' frisky). I tend to pierce the yolk right away, but if you're already wearing a bright yellow shirt, feel free to leave it intact.

- Season with FRESH CRACKED salt & pepper and cook until the white is solid.

- Meanwhile, toast your bread. I sliced open my kaiser roll and held it over a lit burner for a minute-ish. Slather on some mayo on both halves. If you don't like mayonnaise, just go home now.

- Flip your egg. Try to do it one-handed, I dare you.

- Season with salt & pepper again.

- Slide your egg onto your mayoed bread and immediately top with a slice of your favorite cheese and the top bun.

As for the coffee...

I am the worst coffee-maker in the world. So, my secret? Use. A. Keurig. And Girl Scout Cookies Samoas creamer. Done.

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